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October 29, 2004



Great post.

It really is liberating to know that *we* aren't the ones that "save" people. Salvation is the work of Christ through the Holy Spirit. We are called to bear witness of the Good News, but the hearer of the Good News is the one responsible for what they will do with it.

We studied Luke chapter 8 last week in Sunday School - The Parable of the Seed (Sower). At the end of this parable, Jesus says for those who have ears to hear. Later in the chapter he again talks about how we should be careful how we hear.

Jesus is speaking about the responsibility of the hearers of the Word. They (we) must decide what they (we) will do with it. Those who truly "hear" will be the ones who bear fruit and who are like candles, spreading light. Others will seem to hear, but they will not bear fruit and will not spread light.

It's so easy to think that the fruit He speaks of is the salvation of others, but it's not. We bear fruit/spread light when we tell others of OUR salvation.

I'd better end now before I wind up reteaching the whole lesson. :-)


Thanks for sharing :-) That's a good point, that the fruit is actually us sharing (like the wise-man-built-his-house-upon-the-rock thingy, many people think it is about salvation but really it's about obedience)

I don't mind you re-teaching the lesson since I wasn't there for the first one ;-)

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