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March 28, 2005



It is Wipeout, by the Beach Boys.


Prosit, by the way.



Now that I know it's called "Wipeout", I was able to do a little digging - apparently it was written by the Surfaris in the 60's, covered by the Ventures, and then the Beach Boys did a remake in the 80's with The Fat Boys.

Far out, man!


Yea, i remember seeing the video to the BB/FB version like, at my grandmothers' house of all places. I think my father thought it was just the beachboys (I hadnever heard of the FB before or since) and we were all shocked when the song turned into a rap. heh. Yeah, i saw the Surfaris in my surfing with Safari looking for info, but didn't look into it enough to see it wasn't a beach boys original. figures.

cool, there's an mp3 on that site. I couldn't find the surfaris or beach boys' version on itunes. so i listened to my other bb music.

In totally unrelated news I had my first wrong number of the year to the gomobile (+356) phone. I wanted to say, 'Mhux Ġanni jiena, bilħaqq ċempilt lil Kalifornja..' but I didnt. it was kind of poetic though, with everything else this week.


"And I am writing that here because...? " Sorry, left the computer on and the brain off!!!


Huh, we actually have the original version on CD.


Lol :-)

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