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March 30, 2005



Ah yes, I think they're some kind of origami.


I think they used to call them chinese fortune tellers in gradeschool.


Loved them =) although I could never fathom the way you actually do them lol..the same with paper boats and paper hats - shame on me!

Mark Anthony Spiteri

Yes, its a type of origami called the "fortune teller". After goggling it i found out that it's apparently also know as the "cootie catcher" and the "salt cellar": http://www.yasutomo.com/project/fortuneteller.html


Cool :-) Thanks everyone!

Here's what mine said on the inside:

1. ħu bajda
2. Baa!
3. Jesus *heart* you
4. Bonġu Malta
5. Trendy (there wasn't space to write super-mega!)
6. Ciao!
7. Irbaħt squeezer!
8. Hello


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