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June 10, 2005



I've heard of various persons who are still waiting for specialist magazines to arrive at their intended destination... but, during the course of the years, they have learned that there are postal workers who share the same hobbies.

I still don't know why the rate of local mail delivered on the same day is not 100%. The remaining 1% which is not "delivered on the same day" is suprisingly larger than the 99%... go figure.

How long will it take MaltaPost to realise that it sucks?

one of the villagers

rumour has it that maltapost is about to engage a foreign research firm to independently survey its postal activities. apparently this co has done international post surveys for a number o years around europe...so interesting to see what they might come up with. anyways who said that the maltese can run the place better than the kiwi's?


I hope that we get to hear the results of the audit - and I don't care who runs it as long as my mail (a) gets to its destination, (b) in a reasonable amount of time, (c) without me being charged an unreasonable amount for it :-)


Well said - I agree with you on this. It's not the first time that I buy for example some DVD from www.play.com and I don't receive it.

A funny story about some DVDs that I bought. Around a year ago I bought 3 DVD in the same checkout (together), and for some reason play.com told me that they were being sent in different packages.

I received the first at home really fast - after 10 days or so. The postman rang the door and just handed it to me - with no charges whatsoever.

The second was received some days afterwards - but I received a white form at home telling me that I had to pick the parcel up from the local post office - and I was charged a fee of Lm1.

The third - and you won't believe this - was a strange procedure. I received a letter (some weeks after I had collected the other DVDs) informing me that I had received this blessed DVD, BUT... I had to sign this letter and return it to the Qormi post office. Then at the post office, they told me that they wouldn't let me have the DVD and I had to return two days later (because of some censorshit procedure). Mind you - I had to ask for permission from work each time, and if I remember well those werent exactly the best of days in terms of the load of work that I had at the time. And yes, I also got charged Lm1.

Insomma viva l-Poxt Office ta' Ħaqq Sormi. Woops.


lofl @ international 'experts'.

the same old story, over and over again...

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