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June 13, 2005



two. :)


Great job, Maltagirl... I'm really enjoying the different flavours and rereading some old posts :) Ta for doing this. Looking forward to the next one, for which I will hopefully have time to write a new post.


Thanks :-) One week or two?


Ah Yes. Forgot to tell you thanks for hosting us all at Diverse Ramblings, for the great idea and for the summaries of the different personalities...
the questions remain...
who is fausto?
who is maltagirl?
who is arcibald?
who is hazevi?
although I know the answer to the last one.... anonimity provokes curiousity!


Hehehehe Jacques, I know who the last two are! Maltagirl's identity is not such a mystery, she doesn't try very hard to hide it. And I believe I have an idea who Fausto is. But I'm not going to reveal anyone's identity, so there. They're all safe, I promise :) Jacques, no use sending me emails!! Exit that programme right now!

Issa Maltagirl re the second Carnival, I'm going to be selfish and suggest that the deadline not be any earlier than the end of the month. I'm moving house in 10 days and doubt I'm going to be able to think let alone write. But hey, you could always have a Carnival without me. I won't mind.


Thanks, Jacques :-)

Sharon, request granted, so no excuses now! Mind you, you are one of the two bloggers who already has something written on the new theme, heh.


I feel the pressure :-) Just a thought mind you, but is it wise to have the Carnivals so close together? Won't the novelty wear off really quickly? Jien naf... hekk, qed ingedwed wahdi dalgħodu!


You're right... I was thinking that people would lose interest if they were too close together, lol, but it does feel cramped to have the next one right now.

I've taken down the post for the new Karnival, and set it to publish on Monday 21st June instead :-)

PS I said you introduced the term, not coined it. Sorry but it has been in use since at least the early 1990's ;-) You still get credit for popularising it, heheheh.

Fausto Majistral

Congratulations for a job well done. Especially considering that this is a busy time of the year for you. Thanks.


nice work!


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