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    get my baby son to sleep with minimum fuss
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    Getting more sleep as the baby gets older :-)
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    An unlikely mix of pop songs.
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    Getting to see the baby change every day


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July 06, 2005


Toni Sant

Simply awesome! I wish this was the sort of thing I did whenever I wasn't blogging.


Thanks :-)

The great thing about this kind of project is that whether it works or whether it flops, it still makes for great blog fodder, lol!


very cool..prosit..


I wonder if you worked out the extra heating for moving about to change buckets etc ;) a cool idea I saw somewhere for a personal cooler had a sort of necklace with peltier devices positioned over the arteries going up to the head - the idea to cool blood as it flows and get it distributed around the body .. i'm sure you can get peltiers for a decent price (if Greenweld still exist that is ;P) .. still thanks for sharing the experience! (& I had no idea how much copper tubing costs)


Lol @ extra heating :-)

The peltier necklace sounds uncomfortable, but when the temperature starts to hit the 40's anything that promises relief starts to look attractive!

I build one for a friend but I modified a couple of things. First, the use of 25” of copper tubing is counterproductive. I only used about 15” and split it between the front and the back. If you measure the airflow in front of the fan, you realize the strongest flow comes from the center and the edges have very little. So therefore, covering the front with 25” of tubing is pointless because as water passes thru the copper it starts to lose its temperature and the more of a distance to travel you have the more condensation and a rapid loss of temperature. My rig has a water pump that circulates the water around and extends the use of the fan. In addition, I used a 9qt cooler rather than a bucket or garbage can, which cannot preserve the temperature. You get better results by putting the tubing in the front rather than the back.

The other thing that makes this rig not very effective is the fact that summers in Canada are very mild compared to the US. In Florida, for example, this rig will have less than an hour worth of cooling power at 90+ temperatures. It also loses at lot of cooling power due to condensation. If you live in the Southeast, where the climate is moist and hot the condensation is so great that you have to lay a towel under the fan to prevent water from running all over.

My next project for fun involves the use of a radiator/condenser with a water pump some copper tubing and a 26qt cooler.


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