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July 16, 2005



One of the things that I absolutely hate doing is shopping

are you, by any chance, an engineer? :p

I quite like shopping. What I don't like is the buyers' remorse that comes straight after while I'm sitting on the métro and can't ever seem to shake off this feeling of wasting my money on something I'm not even sure I like.

Someone - please save me from the perils of impulse buying (not impulse buying itself - that I quite like... just the perils)!


I hope no-one heard you say the e-word *looks around furtively*

I admit that sometimes I succumb to impulse buying - usually books or toys :-) I only buy stuff that I'm sure I like (limited budget) and my buyer's remorse takes the form of wondering if the new book was worth having to not spend any money for the next week, lol.

Maybe there's a Belgian version of eBay where you can flog the stuff you don't like and thus appease your guilty conscience :-) (although if it was me, I'd wind up buying even more stuff off the website, lol)


Shopping sucks. It's high time all shops in Valletta and Sliema have their e-commerce site where you get to see photos of all the clothing items available, you choose, enter your CC number and, bam!, the item is delivered to your door the next morning.

*stretches back on his comfy chair*

PS. Don't you just love (all) those tops with "XDYE" written on them? Or "Angelic" printed on the derrière of a jeans?


*cue Mastercard "shopping in your underwear" advert* :-D

Don't get me started on the fashions, Kenneth... *sigh*


*shocked gasp* you don't like shopping?!

That's part of the fun of shopping, making your way through all the crappy clothes to find something which suits you, and which hopefully doesn't leave you begging for money =D


My female relations despair of me *grin*


Lena, so that must be why you really enjoy your job and your clientele...


So, what will you do if I buy your little sis all of the items you mentioned?

And your little sis will always be embarrassed to be seen with you, just like the rest of us are. ;)

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