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August 22, 2005



This sounds fun:) I'd never dare do this tho, 'cos my voice gets terrifyingly distorted when recorded. Think: whiny child with high pitched voice:) I once made the mistake of recording myself on tape while working on a project, and then trying to transcribe it. After 3 mins, I wanted to strangle the person on the tape, ie me!

Toni Sant

What an mindblowing coincidence! I actually created my own podcast in Maltese yesterday evening. Can you believe that?

Since I still pride myself as a professional broadcaster (even though I no longer broadcast on any radio or TV station) I felt that my first podcast was not suitable for public consumption just yet. However, I did give Pierre Mejlak a listen.

Now that I've heard yours I've decided to give you a sneak peek at mine too. Let me know what you think.

Here's the URL for my test RSS feed:

I plan to do some more test runs over the next few days before unleashing a full-blown podcasting series this weekend.

Incidentally, have I ever told you how amazing you are? ;-) Seriously, you're a great inspiration!


Athena, it's perfectly normal for a person to think that their recorded voice sounds absolutely awful :-) I was actually surprised that this didn't sound worse than it did, I think it's because I'm a bit hoarse today, lol.

Toni, that's HILARIOUS! I had written my script yesterday evening, and then saw that you were hinting about producing some audio, and I wondered if you were going to podcast or if you had something else up your sleeve. I would have waited if I had known ;-) I like your test, it's definitely a lot more polished than mine, lol. I'm looking forward to your podcasts *starts taking notes*.

And regarding your last comment, *blush* thanks ;-)


prosit :)

Toni Sant

And just to let you know how excited I am about all this (even before I start telling more people about it!) just check out my second test podcast. The RSS feed remains the same, for now:


More soon!


Oh man, that has to be the COOLEST podcast EVER!!!! (and not cos it features me, heh).

At first when the music started, I was thinking to myself, "i KNOW this music!" and then I figured it out, lol.

It might interest you to know that I actually listened to the podcast on an mp3 player instead of via the speakers, since it's pretty late here and I don't want to wake the neighbours. I was sitting here laughing and banging on the desk, lol. Veru PROSIT!

Hurry up and make it public, this stuff is too good to keep quiet! :-)

Thanks for editing out my lapsus, lol, and the difference in sound quality between yours and mine has also added extra impetus to my intention to buy a decent microphone instead of using the voice recorder.

And then I will podcast about you podcasting about me podcasting, muahahahahahaha...


I listened to Toni's podcasts, but something's wrong, not sure if it's from my end. Basically the sounds is jumpy (like an old record player). Hmm not sure the prob is from my end 'cos
1. Test 2 was better than Test 1 in this respect
2. I've got music on alllll day and I haven't had this prob before.

Btw Toni and MaltaGirl your voices are *really* good for podcasting/broadcasting/whatever it's called nowadays:) Gosh I'm so going to bury my voicebox now!


I didn't notice any jumpiness. Had you saved the mp3 onto your machine or were you streaming it? I'm thinking that if you were streaming, it might have been the connection. Other than that, I don't know.

You know, it's funny that I noticed some similarities between Toni's vocal mannerisms and mine, lol. Thanks for the compliment ;-) I like Toni's voice too. I had never in a million years thought I would be podcasting (I usually hate the sound of my recorded voice) but this hasn't turned out so bad *g* I will add "Podcasting Athena's voice" to my long-term plan for world domination ;-)


Well, you might wish to use my singing... talents... on your worst enemies. Put it this way... the cats *do* answer back. My beloved reckons I've permanently traumatized the (unofficial)college cat, who nowadays sits on my window sill looking stunned. Maybe cats don't like opera... hmmm :-)

PS Indeed I did stream it, while having six large pdf downloads on at once. I guess even a 2meg line has limits *g*


Well there's a neat little money-maker right there, which I have considered doing in the past... you go up to people and get them to pay you to stop singing, heheheh.

Incidentally if you haven't come across him already, there is a Pratchett character called Foul Ole Ron whose smell is so strong that it has a personality (and social life) of its own, and he makes his living by people paying him to go away :-)


Hey I listened to the 3 podcasts (2 by Toni and Maltagirl's). I'm fast becoming popular - everyone is mentioning me or playing my music lol

Anyway - if any of you need to record some particular type of music for any particular podcast you're thinking of, tell me - I might find the time to actually do it between work and study :)

Thanks a lot - I appreciate the fact that we'll mentioning one another in our blogs/podcasts.


How cool! I'm sure Toni will take you up on that... I have to learn how to mix audio first, lol.

Toni Sant

Of course I'll take you up on your offer Antonio! I'll be in touch later.

Meanwhile, the plot thickens: I've just finished setting up a proper RSS feed and a decent enough web interface...sans Typepad, of course.

The testing continues (Test 3 was up and running last night) and perhaps later this evening I'll unleash the beast through my blog with one more test file.


għandi podcast ukoll... http://fahmu.net/podcast/feed.rss jew http://blog.fahmu.net


Prosit, Faħmu!!!


Wonderful work , MaltaGirl. I heard your voice on Toni's podcast and then heard your own articulate introduction to podcasting. Well done!


Thanks, Robert! Titħajjar? ;-)

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