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September 06, 2005



awwwwwwww *gives zemploid a big hug*... no, i don't blame you for being a bit freaked out. i'd be freaked out too. unfortunately, living in villages here is always going to a bit awkward until you settle in and, even years later, you'll always remain an 'outsider' if you've not been born there. however, there's a flip side to this as, in a crisis, people tend to be really really nice. example, when i lived in the heart of zebbug for a while with the P - she had told me a couple of scary stories about the neighbours - but, when my front door key broke in the lock, the neighbours were so kind - they helped me find a way in, gave me a drink etc. so my advice is don't think about it too much and *fingers crossed* it will be ok!


Zemploid.... ghandek Barclays??? Actually I quit smoking ages ago.
You should thank god it is B'kara not Gharb. But then probably you are an atheist and would not have anyone to thank. I would love this kind of psycho battle. I am already trying to think the best way for you to react.Will tell you if you have any ideas. Sellili ghall-work companions!


1. Barclays are in full stock, thanks to a visit to Malta from my successor at 239, Boulevard Général Jacques. Peró will let you know if and when the hoard starts running low.
2. Not an atheist. Agnostic at worst, but not an atheist. Absolutism doesn't do much for me.
3. Work companions ... hallihom f'idejja!

Bon travail!


B'kara people are very passionate about their Sant Eliena, zemploid,but if you are going to live in the more des res area of Santa Maria parish the people there are so laid back they are almost horizontal. Welcome to the flat bottomed peopled village anyway :))


Ħsejjes: So close to Santa Liena that when the large bell tolls the new steel beams in my house hum and resonate ;-)
This is as downtown B'Kara as it gets!

Oh, and Reesa, who can forget P's Zebbug neighbours?! Truly legendary people they were!

Viva r-raħlin, I say!


erm... this is very close to where I live!!! - most of the neighbours are usually very nice, but then again, I've been living here all my life...
anyway, if you ever need anything just give us a knock :-)


Bahahahaha trust you to meet a neighbour in the blogosphere too :) Marelli, I can only exhort you to give him shit!


Honestly, with friends like these ...

Issa nagħmillek, Witch!!


X'se taghmilli li mhux diga taghmilli kuljum Zemp... Remember Maltagirl said to keep it clean. (Sorry everyone for the personal nature of these comments. We love each other really!)


Ouch that sounds a bit annoying =S I'd suggest trying to get on friendly terms with the neighbours you think you can trust, but then again, I've never been in this kind of situation so sorry if it sounds like stupid advice hehe.


Hiya Zemp,

The horseshoe was probably a gift for you to hang the right way up (i.e. the lucky way up) within your house for good luck!

Don't worry about it - I'm sure your neighbours are a lovely bunch. They'll grow to like you very soon!

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