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October 29, 2005



I met her! She came into work with her souvenirs. Pity for her she met ME who is unfeeling and cold-hearted and told her 'No'

Ah well...



raise money for her studies by selling traditional Russian souvenirs.

Russian souvenirs are always pleasing to the eye...


HEY!!!! "anyone who studies engineering is obviously somewhat mental and rather weird"? You are implying that I am weird????


Hehehe Kenneth.

Funny how such people rarely bug me, it must be my sweet smile and gentle demeanour ;-)


*was going to say something in reply to Cory's comment*

*whistles and looks away*

You need to practice your "don't-you-dare-sit-next-to-me-infidel" look. I've got it down perfectly. I can be the first on a bus, and the seat next to me stays empty until ALL the other seats are filled and the next person on the bus is truly desperate =D

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