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October 12, 2005



Malta girl I went to see it last Sunday.I must have been the one who laughed loudest...it was brilliant!!!My friends have sworn never to go to the theatre with me again...tee hee....My favorite bit was the piano concerto...I could have died with laughter.


That's when I'm going! I'm soo glad that they're giving this extra show.


aaaaaaaaaaaannnnd... we have another extra show on sunday at 4 pm so tell your friends!


Hsejjes, that's one piano keyboard you couldn't pay me to play... ;-) I liked the Puddle Dance (because I'm a big Riverdance fan and have both Riverdance and Michael Flatley videos, that's why I started tapping all those years ago), and Village Soopermarket, and Sway, and Ma Jistax Jkun, and Desperate Housewife/Baby it's Cold Outside, and, well, I'm sitting here looking at the programme trying to decide what my favourite was, and that would be about half the show LOL!

G, I'm sure you will reeeeeeally enjoy it!

Thanks for the updates, Reesa :-D

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