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October 28, 2005



*hands you a mug of hot chocolate* There, there, it's all right:-)


It's Shalott not an onion, woman... Sorry, I can't help being constantly in proofreading mode. I was dropped on my head as a child.


Thanks Athena, I feel better now.

Sharon, I was thinking, oh, I've rather missed Sharon this last week, it will be nice to have her back... don't make me change my mind now... :-P

Middle Sis and I dropped Little Sis on her head when she was a baby (we used to climb into her cot and hoist her out over the railing so we could play with her), does this mean she'll turn out like you? *gasp*


*waves to witchie* I was dropped on my head as well and my dad swears it wasn't an accident *grumbles*.

PS I also used to try and drop baby bro on his head *g*


*lol* it happens to the best of us.


I have said it many times before ..... you are very weird.

You did alot worse things than drop Little Sis on her head as a child. You tortured the poor girl.


G: what, being dropped on the head? Or dropping babies on their heads?

When I was about ten, my father made me a pair of stilts out of two broomsticks and a two pieces of wood. I was holding one of my baby cousins when one of my stilts toppled over from where I'd leant it against the wall, and smashed onto the baby's head... I don't recall the adults letting me anywhere near the kid for quite a while after that. *tries to remember which cousin it was*

Cory: ah, she enjoyed the attention.

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