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October 01, 2005



I'm famous! and I'm first oooh :)

Jacques Rene' Zammit

exquisite, really
I find it all very nice;
till the next collage.

Toni Sant

How does she do it?
MaltaGirl is amazing!
I'm just blown away.


Ejj proset hafna
Irnexxielek taghmel hit
Kif taf taghmel int

Karnival success
Grazzi talli semmejtni
Dejjem kompli hekk :)


Excellent haikus, MaltaGirl. Proset!


Thank-you all, so kind of you
I found this to be quite a fun thing to do
But then towards the end
I went quite round the bend
And now I'm fed up of haiku! ;-)

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