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October 19, 2005



I can understand your frustration... last year our neighbourhood went through the same ordeal. It seems that nowadays we've replaced the traditional trick and treating with pure vandalism.


pure vandalism.. vandals love any excuse..


I agree with you both. It was only our house out of the entire street that they hit, so I'm hoping that it was a one-off and we won't get revisited for halloween. *sigh*

P.S. Hello to Andre, welcome :-)


=/ nies m'ghandhomx x'jaghmlu..

By the way - sorry for not getting back to you but I'm still checking out prices (actually I bullied someone into checking them out for me but they need further prodding apparently) ;) so er sorry for the delay...


No problem, not in any big hurry :-) Currently reading "Much Ado About Nothing" in preparation for a homework essay ;-)


Ifhem ... you can't exactly put it down to an initiation rite, years after you've been there ;-)
Kemm hawn min il-veru m'ghandux x'jaghmel ...


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