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October 18, 2005



I think that's a great post. Breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, is possibly one of the things that scares me the most. I'm glad that this campaign is a strong one and they're really shoving it in people's faces!

It's also very pretty in pink :)


I love the new set up for your blog


Brilliant and prosit for the initiative. I dunno if Malta has submitted to the wristband mania yet, but if it has, please buy a Breast Cancer awareness pink wristband and wear it. Show your support, like MaltaGirl!


Hi there. Thanks for the link and prosit for your post. What is most unfortunate is that whilst breast cancer awareness is quite common and promoted (and that's how it should be!), TC is unknown to many, especially to the most affected age group. I would give anything to see some more promotion of men's health issues in our country.


Thanks, all :-) Athena, I haven't seen any pink wristbands here although wristbands in general are all the craze lately (with silly sayings on them, not for particular causes). The only ones I've seen that were for a cause were "Make Poverty History".

Splengun, how about, when you have finished your thesis, you lobby the Health Promotion Unit to start an educational campaign on men's health issues? You would be surprised at what a difference one person can make, you really would :-)


Remind me to get you a breast cancer wristband in November:-) I've got the make poverty history as well.

And yes splengun, testicular cancer is a problem, and unfortunately it hardly gets any attention even in the British media, which is ridiculous. Apparently it's very treatable if caught in the early stages. You should definitely campaign for men's health issues, they are important.

Queen Pea

Hey chickadee ... great post. good on you. awareness is always a good thing. xxxx


Athena, thanks!

Queen Pea... *chirp* :-)

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