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October 14, 2005



Ajma hej, mur oqghod bih issa! He talks about the house non-stop *lol* and you are now definitely his favourite person after saying what you did. Tee hee. It has just dawned on me that he hasn't yet said, "When are you coming to see the house?" now that I'm going to Malta hahahahah... Wait for it!


He's probably working on an elaborate kidnap plot just in case you decline... *hands zemploid the duct tape*


imma ma tiltaq' ma' faħmu stess :)


Decline? Are you kidding? I'm too scared of him :) And I have to check up every now and then to save him from disasters like grey bathrooms and that ugly statue of some saint or other he insists on displaying. *sigh* Might give him an ultimatum, jew jien jew Santu Rokku hahahahah


1. Coming from someone who's current living arrangements may best be summed up as "living in a shoe-box", no, I am not surprised with all this bile and envy flowing and streaking across the floor towards me.

2. That spare bedroom, you know, the one I was keeping for guests who may from time to time fly in from, hummmm, let's say for instance, the UK, yes ... that one ... well, it's not so spare any more. *harumph*


*waves to faħmu*

*hands zemploid a mop and another roll of duct tape*

Sharon, I think the statue is actually rather cute... Rokku has even got buttons carved into his overcoat, and comes complete with doggie (not sure if it is tal-kacca). All he lacks is a senter!

I'm not sure about the grey... having spent the last fifteen years with a bathroom tiled in a 1970s bilious green flower pattern, a grey bathroom sounds good. On the other hand, interesting bathroom tiles are a great distraction for when you forget to take a book in with you...


faħ is unhappy about being locked in for (*hate*) hallowe'en, better referred to as Reformation day - but he waves anyways!


Zemp, sweetie, get with the times or I may just throw a sulk to piss you off :) The shoe closet was in Cardiff, I have since graduated to my very own seventh floor flat in luxury complex in Glasgow (although it being Glasgow, the adjective "luxury" is very subjective), my own second-floor flat in luxury complex in London (again, not by Maltese standards!) and now to an amazing ground floor studio complete with private garden, patio and garden furniture which is destined to spend the rest of its days trying to shake off raindrops hehehe. I also have three cats by proxy, with whom I've been making friends this past week and now they purr when they see me... You have a lot to learn from them hahahah

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