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December 03, 2005



I still remember when a good friend of mine uttered probably his first obscenity in Form V (he never said anything worse than "aqqanna" throughout all of secondary school) when defending me in an argument, some 20 meters away from me. I think the poor guy didn't realise that you should never shout obscenities, especially if the headmaster and another priest are only 3 meters away.

I couldn't stop laughing, and he obviously got a report (and had to explain to his conservative parents what had happened.)

I know he'll probably be reading this and laughing it off now.


That's the fun bit =D

Making people stare is, as you may well know by now, a much loved hobby of mine, and one which I hope never to grow out of =)

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oh mamma mia x'fakkartni Maltagirl! Kull ma ser nghidlek huwa LT1 ippakjata bin-nies u lehni biss jinstema nghid xi haga lil-lecturer..............ha mmur nikteb bloggata!:-)


My worst faux pas of the swear word kind was in a posh restaurant accompanied by equally posh people....I still cringe at the memory....

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