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December 12, 2005




*pat pat*


Dak il-maths kollu beda jagħmel tiegħu naħseb... Possibbli tobgħod lilek innifsek daqshekk tant li tasal li tqum fl-4.15am?


Kenneth, nassiguralek illi din MHIX ser terga tigri...

nurse pica

hee hee hee....i understand about having to wake up early! a word of advice...set your alarm at a very very annoying ring tone, then there will be no way that anything less can wake you up! my alarm is a boat horn sound!


oh my gosh you have no idea how often this happens to me. Yes, in the morning too.


Nurse Pica, my alarm is a beepbeepbeep BEEP BEEP beepbeepbeep BEEP BEEP - I don't have a problem waking up with it, specially since I sleep with my mobile on my bed, lol. Well actually while I was doing my thesis, I found that if I pulled an all-nighter and slept for less than four hours, I had a tendancy to switch it off and go right back to sleep! These days my body clock often wakes me up at 5:43am, two minutes before the alarm, lol. Oh but how I hate waking up in the morning...

Lena, my commiserations :-)

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