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December 15, 2005



*looks at MaltaGirl*
naaaaah that can't have been you typing:)


*phew* Thought you were drunk.


Grin! My 14 year old palmtop has a *real* keyboard. (Mind you, it would rip off my shirt pocket if I tried to put it there)


Athena, that was me scribbling away with a little plastic stylus, on a little screen, on a Maltese bus. Nuff said!

Kenneth, I have never blogged drunk. Never actually BEEN drunk. A bit tipsy, yes, drunk, no. There was one time when I did a BUI (Blogging Under the Influence) but I can't remember what that was, lol.

Dad, you have all the cool stuff long before it becomes cool ;-)


That's some scary shit :P


Lol when I first started reading it I thought you were drunk after the dinner thingy =P

Was almost going to be proud of you...

*sigh* ;-)



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