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December 22, 2005



I think those earrings are FABULOUS!!!

I look forward to seeing them tonight. I AM coming albeit slightly late; wouldn't miss it, it's marked on my calendar :)


iiiiiii... i want sparkly earrings too! ara make sure you wear them tonight - i think they're great! *snigger as i imagine zemp's facial reaction upon seeing them* - typical zemp!!!


Oops! I think the slight stagger and flinch might have been a little bit of a giveaway when I saw the bling on Maltagirl's ears.

I'd suck at professional poker ;-)


Don't mind the Zemp. Flinching is his speciality. There are so many accessories I own and which he absolutely hates: rings, hats, and generally anything fun which smacks of some individuality :)

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