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December 23, 2005



It was FANTASTIC! Thanks for a brilliant evening - we both enjoyed ourselves a lot and I have my little 'B' to remind me of it for ever hehehe!


Thank YOU for organising it :) It was great. And I luuuvv my award


Thank you all for the company, organisation, and the much appreciated lift afterwards =D


It was fantastic! This must definitelz become an annual thing. Uff can barelz tzpe haqq, borrowed dadäs laptop and as u can see he has a german keyboard and itäs awful to use. Anzway, we´re framing the I love mz blogger award and the B will go on my monitor :)

Merry Xmas everzone. xxxxx


Proset proset... tidhru li hadtu gost :)

Jien nahseb l-uniku li taslu ttuni hu xi award biex forsi nghalaq halqi u ma niktibx cucati fil-blogg lol Ghallinqas mill-kummenti anonimi li nircievi hekk jidher :)

All the best to all!! Take care people u s-sena t-tajba :)


Well done for the organisation; this is definitely something to be repeated! Those "I love my blogger" really cracked me up. I shall be blogging about the dinner later tonight, hopefully.

Thanks for the lift afterwards, btw :)


I am so glad you had a good time and so sad I couldn't attend. I will definitely be there next time round!

Toni Sant

This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. ;-)

Best wishes for Xmas and a Happy New Year to you and your merry band of bloggers!


Thanks to everyone who came because it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without you :-) And you're very welcome, because I had lots and lots of fun plotting it all, muahahahahaha...

And to those who weren't there... that'll teach you! ;-) Hope to see you next time *grin*

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