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December 12, 2005



Woooohoooo *notes it in diary*


Oh no!! Mistoqsija has a concert. But I'll keep in touch and visit laters. :D :D


I'm coming.... BUT.... late! Sorry :( But at least I'm coming *grin*

the Pirate

I'll be there in spirit.

Well, unless you want to pay for my airfare & hotel.


*sings* i'll beeee theeeeeeeere tra la la...


Yay for Reesaaaaaaaaa:)Are you bringing the other half as well? If he gets bored, your half and my half can always do the cricket thing:)


How I'd love to..............but I'll be working the night shift unfortunately *xoffa mdendla*


hehehe re: cricket athena... am not sure if he will be working that night. but if not, i'll drag him along hehehe - however, maltagirl i wont be able to tell you if he can make it till later - i hope that's ok!


Pirate, would that be the whiskey or the rum? ;-)

Coemgen, sorry to hear that :-( hope to meet you another time then!

Reesa, re:Chris, I'll put him down as provisional then, shouldn't be a problem.

G, better late that never!!! *grin* If you know approximately what time you'll be there, send me an email so I can order for you for that time :-)

Athena, yay, and Mistoqsija, hah!

*goes off to update the database*




What about Robert? We haven't heard from him yet hux?
And Antoine?
Jacques: get arse down to Malta ejja. I bought you a super large Lorna picture for Xmas, you can't let me down.


apparently the hubbie is off work that day... and as soon as i mentioned that a cricket buff would be there he was all like "count me in!" hehehe, so maltagirl, you can out him down as a definite!


I will probably be around 10:15 :S Is that too late?


Reesa, OK, will add the hubbie to the list.

G, I imagine we will still be around by then :-) - it's up to you whether you think it's worth it, i.e. how far away from home it is. Would love to see you of course!

The Jacobin

Hi, MaltaGirl! I'd love to come...that is, if I'm still considered a blogger in spite of my recent dearth of posts.


won't be able to make it Maltagirl, sowwy. *xoffa imdendla*


The Jacobin, of COURSE you are a blogger! *grin* I'll put you down on the list then? How many people?

Splengun, ah, sad to hear that. Kemm ghandna xoffi mdendlin!

Mark Vella

Crap...I'm back home the day (night) after


Jien mhux gej Malta ghall-milied...


Ah Mark, how frustrating to have missed by one day, very sorry! I hope that we get to see you at a future gathering :-)

Gybexi, forsi darb' ohra mela. Fil-kaz ghamel avviz meta tkun gej u naghmlu Mass Meeting dak iz-zmien ;-)


Mass meeting tal-bloggers - biex int tghix ahjar! :P


Sorry..my computer went bust for a few days. But i cannot come just the same. No transport, and possibility of being *on duty* that night hehe!


Ah yes re transport. If anyone is lacking wheels, we'd be happy to take two passengers. MaltaGirl, if you and the other half need a lift give me a yell. This time we won't get lost, pwomise:)

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