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December 17, 2005



Unfortunately, I DO work on Saturdays so I have the opposite problem. I have no problem waking up on weekdays but on Saturday i just can't seem to get myself up on time and am always slightly late (very strange for me!)


Saturdays? Weekdays? Public Holidays?
I see no difference unfortunately! :(


Reesa, it's like fighting a losing battle, isn't it?

Coemgen, I worked out that in a given 35-day period, I get five Saturdays and five Sundays, while Michael gets seven Rests and seven Offs. Having Rests and Offs during the mon-fri period means that you can run errands that people working normal hours have to wait till Saturday to do, but on the other hand you are often working when other people schedule events (dinners, plays) during the weekend.

I think there's +'s and -'s either way, but personally I like having two whole entire days off on Saturday and Sunday :-)


True true. I like to have them weekdays off. I am not so hooked on weekends anymore but I get a bit angry when I have to miss events which are organised on one of the two Saturday nights I'm woking! IMMA!!!

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