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February 01, 2006



Very tactful. *sigh*


tee hee maltagirl....very good of you to drop 'subtle' hints :)) Gone are my days where someone thought I looked 25 let alone 16!!! *sigh* *reaches for the anti-aging cream*

Queen Pea

subtlety on legs you are !!! as subtle as your xmas earrings in fact!!!!!
LOL re brother and sister !!!! when my bro and i were at uni together - people thought we were MARRIED hehehe!!!!


I'm so glad few people knew my bro and I were related :-)


HAHA... yeah yeah subtle, unlike me you mean? :P

And you really don't look 25, although I AM still younger than you!! :)


I can not believe that anyone would think that you look 16. But then again I have seen you first thing in the morning.


HEPPY BURDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUU TRA LA LAAAA!!! It's true that you look younger tho! But don't worry, one day you (and G) will be over 30 too *evil cackle*, just like me and Pea. Oh wait, hold on... I 'stopped' at 24 and Pea started going backwards as soon as she reached 30 hehehe!!!


Hi It's me again :) Thanks for the info the other day. The thing is that I already have another journal (another website) and I'm not into converting to this one at the moment ;)

I like reading your journal though. I hope you don't mind.

I was wondering if you'd tell me some more about Stagecoach?



happy birthday :-)


Tara, well, you know that you don't get anywhere in our family by being subtle ;-)

Hsejjes, that reminds me - I still don't know what you look like! We must meet up, don't want to wait 11 months for the next Annual Bloggers Dinner.

Dear Kween, since you bring up the earrings, I was in Accessorize again today. And they had even MORE christmas earrings on sale. But I only bought one more flashing pair (the flashing father christmasses were a bit tacky, I thought).

Athena, poor Little Sis went to the same small primary and secondary schools that Middle Sis and I went to... so she had to spend twelve years living us down... miskina.

G, yeah. And YOU don't look like you're out of your teens either!

Cory, first thing in the morning I don't look 16. I just look scary.

Reesa, thank-you, thank-you. Although when I'm 30, I will apparently look 21, so I think that's OK by me :-)

Hi again Mimi *waves*. Of course I don't mind you reading, that's one of the reasons why I write *grin*. About stagecoach, feel free to email me using maltagirl at gmail dot com with any questions, no worries.

And thanks, Marelli!!!

Da Kween

WHADDYA MEAN 'WHEN SHE HIT 30' ... she NEVER hit thirty. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!!! ok ??!?!?!?! goddit? good. otherwise she'll have to hit YOU!

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