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February 07, 2006



erm is it just me or aren't there any posts? *puzzled*


It isn't you. There aren't any posts. She's finally lost it... it's all the singing and dancing :-)


And here I was thinking I am the only dense blogger in existance. Must have a word with the stagecoach instructor.


I tried looking for a link! *sigh*

Now she's going to read the comments and be really really embarassed!
Aren't you? :P :P :P


It-tmien karnival's past n we've seen none of it!

Thanks for your offer btw. I still cannot figure out what's wrong with my blog, cannot see the posts, so I thought I'd leave the comment here.


Stupid stupid typepad. I spent all lunch hour finishing the carnival and it went and, well. I dunno why the rest of it isn't showing up.


Off to troubleshoot...


Somewhere between me sending the email containing the post, and typepad posting it, the whole thing was truncated and bye bye limericks.


Maybe it was because I had the dashed line just before the main part, and typepad thought it was removing a signature. Oh well.

Hooray for the habit of making backups that was drilled into me during those horrible months of working on my thesis, lol.

But yeah, maybe I will use Stagecoach as an excuse for any future ditzy moments, heheheh.


Coemgen, there might be something wrong with your template. This is what I do when I completely mess up a template:

(1) go to your current template, the one you have "customised". Copy-paste it into a word processor and save that.

(2) reset your template by re-installing the original one that you had used, in your case "Scribe". Your blog will lose your customisations but you should be able to see your posts again.

(3) Go back through your new, clean template and re-do your customisations (like your ratty banner image), using the file that you saved as a guideline. Along the way, you will probably find that you had accidentally deleted a crucial piece of code (as has happened to me).

Good luck!


Good job. And shame on the early naysayers complaining about the absence of links. Shame!


Prosit ħafna MaltaGirl!!

Illami, dsatax-il limerick, f'żewġt ilsna... x'biċċa xogħol din!

Dawk li jogħġbuni l-aktar (fejn jidħlu r-ritmu u l-effett globali) huma: Zemp has the cards to complete (it's time to hit delete... i.e. delete that blessed cross LOL), Inqata' d-dawl filgħaxija, Ma kinitx toqgħod taqra bil-Malti, Our Toni he loves to digress, imma fuq kollox din:

Antonio għal dawk li jixorbu
u lejn il-periklu joqorbu
jgħid forsi kliem kbar
miktubin fuq is-swar
jgħinuhom qabel jistordu.

Prosit mill-ġdid. U bilħaqq, l-aċċent tiegħek wisq aħjar minn tiegħi... ;-)


Et en fin, Maltagirl, douze points!

You've outdone yourself with this one :)


Excellent, excellent... I'm now regretting not having time to send in a link of one of my posts... would have been nice to have a limerick written about me heheheh I'm rushing to work so I still have to listen to the recording... I'm sure it will be fab.


Oh la la! X'bicca xoghol ta vera ghamiltilna Maltagirl. Prosit, prosit, prosit.

Thanks for the help with the template. The problem is that I didn't change anything but I'll be trying to do as you said:)


WOW they are amazing! prosit x 100 :) Hah and people like me who sent in more than one post gave you an extra headache! *oops*


L-ironija hi li l-kumment (poezija?) ta' Maltagirl hija itwal mill-bloggata tieghi stess lol

Proset ee :) Btw daqt il-karnival il-propja fi Frar...

Toni Sant

Prosit Maltagirl!

I know I may be asking a little too much after all the extra work you put into all the limericks. Why is the MP3 file not among your podcasts? Don't you think I would call that a poddata? :-P


Thank-you all, it was fun! Thanks for participating :-D

Vlad, yes indeed, tfajthom fil-komma dawk, hah.

Twanny, qlajt fwiedi biex insib kelma ohra li tispicca "ajja" wara li tfittixt it-tifsira proprja ta' "dirajja" u indunajt illi kienet ser tigi 'dirajk'. Fl-ahhar qtajt qalbi, u evitajt il-problema billi tfajtha bhala quote *dahka* U l-accent tieghek sabih :-P

G, if only you knew how terribly close I came to saying "that's it! only one per person!"... but then subsequent people mostly behaved themselves, so I didn't ;-) Yours were much fun to write, actually. There you go again, living up to your "most entertaining blog" award...

Antonio, iva, dhaqt wahda meta kont qed nikteb tieghek!

Toni, that did cross my mind, but "il-podkast ta' maltagirl" is supposed to be in maltese. But actually today I was thinking about reviving it and using English because I have some other things that I want to record on audio. Yeah, I think I'll make the podkast bilingual :-) Incidentally, no offense but I detest the word 'poddata'. Bloggata works well but poddata makes me think of alien pods in sci-fi horror flicks. So I'm sticking with podkast for now ;-)


Good one Maltagirl!
I've just come home after the world's most rotten day, and this cheered me up no end! ;-)


U R a genius! The limericks are fab. But no, you are not allowed to blame Stagecoach for anything. Yours truly, me xxx


I loved it. Good work


Thank-you, thank-you :-)

And Reesa, actually there is one thing I'm entirely justified in blaming Stagecoach for, but that's another post, heheheh.


OOOOOhhhhhhhh... do tell re: Stagecoach!


I only just saw the haiku/limerick/wotsit...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not reading blogs regularly dammit so I keep missing things!!! Thanks A LOT for immortalising me in a poem... I'm going to put it up on my blog hehehehehe *chuffed*


You're welcome! *grin*

Imre Bencze

Dear Sir,I am a translator and a limerick-collector,mainly the bilinguals.
Do you have in your language the famous "There was a young lady of Riga"
or/and "A peculiar bird is the pelican?Send it to me or tell me where can
I find it.
Best regards Imre Bencze

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