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February 07, 2006





I AGREE with the sentiment of your song! And I think your song should represent Malta at the next Eurovision. Either that, or the 'Yellow Pages' song...


Finding a guitarist to accompany you shouldn't be a problem!


Someone *had* to choose yesterday to smash into my car yesterday - spent about an hour outside waiting for the wardens to turn up :( For someone who is very used to the cold I was pretty frozen!


I am in awe! I have been trying to get a song on my blogg for ages. How do you do it? and by the way, your song is being sung all over my department today, including dir! And yes...I am blogging from the office...minn fuq dahr il gvern....so there!!!

Da Kween

i just ADORE the english translation !!!!!!!!!!!


Thank-you all, and if I follow Reesa's suggestion then I expect some sympathy votes from Hsejjes's department *grin*

IvanC, OUCH. Of all days!

Hsejjes, you need somewhere to host your music - as part of my hosting package with Typepad, I also have 100Mb of space that I can upload files to. If you want, I can give you some space to host a song, send me an email and we'll set it up. I had an attack of the giggles when I read your comment on how popular my little ditty is, and everyone else here in the internet cafe is giving me strange looks...

Your Kweenness, thank-you, I almost like it more than the original, lol.


Psychology lecture? I got no psych this year. Dak jonqos!


Reesa is absolutely right. Try your luck next time at Eurovision as a lyricist. You have my vote for sure!


A virtuoso performance.


Excellent MaltaGirl! I agree you should enter next year's festival thingy. I'll vote for you and get everyone I know to vote for you if you bribe me with brownies :-)

PS Do you do email these days?:P I've got something for you... :)
PPS And it's not a eurovision song:)


Sticking to the day job sounds like a pretty good plan...

I just hope you're not allowed to sing there too, otherwise I'll have to send all your colleagues consolation pressies. *sigh*


No worries... Kween and I will sing it for you *fills in the Maltasong application form* as long as you do backing vocals/harmony like you are learning at Stagecoach!


"as a lyricist". Ajma x'kisra dik, ibghathieli bil-posta... :-P

Reesa, OK, you and the Kween are on for that. I'll round up the musicians (talented bunch, these bloggers), and put Michael in charge of the dancers seeing as how he's doing so well at Stagecoach.


There's a rumble in the jungle! The Diverse Rambler's going for Gold.
With her Song For Europe ballad called "Malta's been North Pole-d".
Backing vocalists will be chosen based on who are the best sneezers.
And musicians must prove that they're great knocking kneezers.
I'd send in my application but this week I've been confined to bed.
Where I've been practicing my leading lady part in the movie "The Frozen Dead"

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