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February 05, 2006


You made me laugh when discussing the average age of cinema and theatre goers. It is a shame really that the theatre is usually frequented by the 'older' generation. I think the theatre is a brilliant way to keep young people away from drink and drugs. But that is my opinion. As for Memoires, you should read the book. It is brilliant. Much better then the film. I will lend it to you when we meet :))


SLIGHTLY vertically challneged?

I think the theatre is a brilliant way to keep young people away from drink and drugs.

If enough efforts are made to make it appeal to the teenage generation...

Anonymous Coward

isma bella, u r making assumptions that "older" people would be interested in watching a movie about japanese high-society prostitutes -I may be of an older generation that you but my tastes havent changed for decades (call me stuck in my ways pervert...oh oh that hurt watch me cry....*pffffft*). And what a load of SH*YT about cinema keeping youth from drink and drugs...getta grip! I'm not youth and I went straight from the cinema to a bar and downed several rounds of jolly juice to enhance my orgazmic relish of such a beautiful movie...and promptly assaulted every bartender within a 5-mile radius with my sexually enhanced inuendoes....let it be known that i didnt get ANY of them pregnant ...lol


heres a bit more about anti-teen rage and its not government sponsored! ALLAHU AKBAR ITS FREE! Christ get down to Bay City Radio NOW! Know that all post-16 yr olds dont necesarily use egg-nog to enhance their a
hair-spikes...noooo, common spit works just as well and its free....hey maltA gIRL i',M GIVING YA DA ANGST! dIVERSE IS MY uNVIRSAL FLAG AND raMBLINGS IS MY STAtE OF MIND XXXX

Anonymous Coward

Comment deleted by MaltaGirl, who will put up with a lot from commenters but some people just go too far.


Dear Anonymous First Commenter, I am still trying to think who you are lol. If you are the person I am meeting on Friday morning, hooray, and if not, well, I'm still in the dark.

Cory... :-P

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