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February 26, 2006


Non Existent

I like your blog, its quite interesting and i really like the way you write. Keep it up.

Non Existent


The video clip is so cooooooool! And sorry for outing your blog to Emma (erm, and I had also outed it to Edward - a thousand apologies!) - it was done with the best intentions, promise!!! Anyhow, you always say nice things about Stagecoach hehehe!

Da Kween

MY WORD MALTAGIRL. YOU ROCK !!!!!!! glad you enjoyed. we had a blast too! as you can see from the ... errrmmm ... headbanging in the vid !!! *reaches for the painkillers* GROAN!


Ufffffff. Kemm xtaqt ġejt...imma ma stajtx. Kont diġa ktibt qerda sħiħa fuq il-blogg ta Coryse pero x'ħin rajt il-clip erġajt dendilt ix-xoffa. Kemm ma nħobbx hekk jien!

Toni Sant

I'm glad we've finally met. It was quite a fitting occassion too!


Thanks, Non Existant!

Reesa, not Edward as well! Aaggrrrrhhhh! Although, hmmm, do you think he'll give me something for all the free advertising? Heheheh...

*hands Da Kween a kaxxa Panadols*

Coemgen, forsi darb' ohra :-)

And Toni, the pleasure was mine, we really enjoyed your company!


I was thinking about that gig all of Saturday night whilst I was entertaining 2 'friends' over from England. Believe me, I would have loved to get away from the inane blabber that I had to endure...and I missed seeing Toni Sant....BOO HOO!!!

....And I would have loved to see you too Maltagirl...*boo hoo!!!* *rolls on floor tearing her hair out and making a fuss*


*pats Hsejjes on the shoulder*

Don't worry, I'm sure there will be other gigs... (didn't you hate it when your parents would say something like that after denying you permission to go somewhere?)

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