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March 27, 2006


Francesca Smith

Hi... This is the first time that I've been to your site. Just wanted to say that your Johnny Cash song was so cute. I watched the movie I Walk The Line on DVD. I would have been very angry at those people also. And I'm a middle aged lady. :) There is no excuse for poor manners and rudeness, no matter the age.
I enjoyed the movie and your song also.



There's nothing of mine I want to put up but I'd like to put forward Pierre's Gabri which was very well-written I thought. http://www.maltamedia.net/pjm/2006/03/gabri.shtml


L-għażla tiegħi hija din ta' Antoine:



Its got to be this one for me.
Her name was Ira.Ira Losco.
Try reading this without bursting into fits of lughter!!!


Waah there are so many posts I wish to submit for the "ghazla" :) Okay here's one: http://akkuza.blogspot.com/2006/03/immigrants-refugees-utopia.html

From my side:

'cos I'm still so happy with my new toy:)


L-Għażla: http://gybexi.blogspot.com/2006/03/monolingualism-again.html

Karnival: http://maqluba.blogspot.com/2006/03/ajku.html


Uff, seeing as I am not submitting one of my own, can I submit another one for L-Ghazla?


Tsk tsk ;-)


Sharon, I just KNOW that I'm going to regret this eventually, but ok... :-)

Pinky Twinky

Malta Girl's u-turns make me think of Alfred Sant.





Jacques René Zammit

F'ismi u f'isem Gakbu S.:

Kinnie & Twistees:

The Laughing Fit:
(this one still makes me laugh)

(anniversary edition - includes first post)

Intello Academy:
Introduction to Book translation

Just loved the "il-farfett"

Gakbu Sfigho

Dach il-puphta ta' Jacques nesa' idahhal il-post tal-bollettino ghal dana il carnival. Ma hadt scein gost b'dana l-agir gachbinesch u se niehu passi concreti sabiesc nigi risanat ta' dina l-ophphiza... sadattant haun hi l-carnivalata tieghi chiph ucholl l-ghazla:

Ghal carnival:
visita lid-dentista

toghgobni uisch avolia nesa' iibghat rizenia lid-dea bendata u iaph ichollu conseguenzi coroh ta' dana l-agir irresponsabbli


If Jacques is going to be allowed to give free rein to his split personality (Jacques/Gakbu) I'm going to be Sharon/wwwitchie... so there :) Off to find the links to the posts I want to recommend for L-Ghazla... L8er x

PS: Your thingy is telling me that my url is invalid... pah!

Gakbu S.

Chemm chiedha taiieb din uuuitchie ucholl. Mela ma taphsc li ma hisc cuistioni ta' personalità biss imma ta' blogger. Iena ghandi bloggti u persunalità distinta minn dach il gachbin. Minn naha taghha sciaron u uuuitchie huma l istess persuna ghasc blog wahda ghandhom.

Tabbuzausc u ticchupiausc.


Ghandek zball Gakbu... Sharon u wwwitchie huma tnejn minn-nies totalment different imma jiktbu fl-istess blog... bhal ma jien u int nies differenti imma it-tnejn li ahna bloggers f'Postform... u tghidx ohra :)


Bsart iien li MaltaGirl chien se iiddispiaciha li ppermettiet li blogger wiehed (wahda) iivvota (tivvota) darbtein... ghasc la cieghed hecc iien ucholl skizzofreniku ghasc nofsi nomadu u nofsi eremita... iien ucholl nisctiec nivvota ghal zewg bloggati...

Le, wahda bizzeiied, chemm biesc nitneiiec ;)

Gakbu Sfigho

ma nafsc ta. scorta blogger uihed tigi. imma chif basar twanny. ma nistu inzidu scein ichtar ma dach li cal in-nouveau non-fumeur


First of all, hello francesca, and thanks!

Secondly, big thanks to everyone who has sent in entries both in the comments and by email.

Thirdly, Twanny, ahahahahahahaha... :-P

Fourthly, sorry Sharon, no idea about the 'invalid URL' thing.

Fifthly, I'll get out of the way for Jacques/Gakbu and Sharon/wwwitchie to continue their four-way conversation, whatever did people do for entertainment before the sport of comment-reading came to be?


I've been really bad about reading blogs this month, AND updating.

But I cannot miss out on a karnival, so I'll choose Zemp's Ira Losco post cos it was worth the wait. Er, u want the URL? Someone already chose it so I'm taking the easy way out :P

And mine? Hmm, I guess it'll have to be My First Visit to Hospital, macabre I know! :P



Jacques, I am compiling the lists for the carnival/ghazla and only just realised that you nominated twice for the ghazla (yes, I now realise the whole point of the sharon/uuuitchie convo). Sorry but one per blogger, split personalities don't count unless they have their own corporeal presence, only exception is for people not participating in the carnival... *watches sanity slowly heading south*

So I'm going to include your first choice (from hajjet in-ners) unless you tell me otherwise :-)

Gakbu Sfigho

collosc seu mela. issa nifhem chiph chiedhin l'aphariiet. id-dipherenza beini u bein uuitchie/sharon hija li jiena ghandi "blogger presence" u blog costanti... m'hemmsc sc'taghmel icollna inhallu n-nuccas ta' sens investigattiv iipremia bhal deiiem. hecc ieu b'hecc il bicca li nominait iena chienet hemm scorta grazzi ghal imzebbel. Scorta nirregistra id-discordia tieghi ma d-decisioni. Chiechu l-gachbin (blogger maghruf bhala jacques) chien ched iabbuza min-numru ta' blogggog chiechu chien ichollu zeug voti ohra ta' l-ghazla. hemm bzonn ichtar charma u incas neich. ha mmur naghmel l-ezercitti matutini tal-iscaramantia ghasc donnha geiia bin-neich dalghodu!

Jacques Rene' Zammit

Good morning

Don't know why you are telling me. Tell the Gakbu. He's the one insisting that l'ghazla votes should go to regularly kept blogger ID's... Although I do think he has a point. I mean who's to tell me that Sharon and Fausto are not the same person? Or that I am no longer an inspiration for Gakbu's writings? And it's not like he was voting like me for someone to get many votes is it? If I were you I would appease him before he gets really vicious :)


Life's tough for the corporeally-challenged, isn't it?

You remind me of Miss Level in A Hat Full of Sky ;-)

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