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March 30, 2006



Oh dear! I am one of those persons who has a driving licence but is scared s**t to drive....


Hehe I've been a learner since mid-August, but haven't plucked enough courage yet to brave the test. I will though...someday. Good luck for the lessons =)


Please do me one favor maltagirl? Please do not get your license until after I come for a visit. I really do love being there, but I would like to make it home in one piece. I really can not afford to stay a couple of months in ICU over there.

I can not believe that you still have not gotten your license. I would have thought that thinking little sis (seven years younger, for those of you who do not know them in person yet, and is now closer to getting hers and is already a much better driver) would get her license before you would have been been enough incentive for you to have gotten it last year. You already let middle sis beat you.


Then it was YOU! 8 hours stuck in the coast road!


Ħallik mill-Highway Code. Għandek is-CD? Fil-każ nibgħatlek il-PDFs: hemm kemm bil-Malti u kemm bl-Ingliż. Aqra dawk għax it-test eżatt dawk se jkun. (Il-Highway Code kont bdejt naqrah ilu, pero' fih ħafna materjal li huwa irrelevanti għalina.)

It-test tat-teorija tlajt nagħmlu nhar it-Tnejn (about time!) u nista' nassigurak li ħafif rixa. Kemm taqra l-mistoqsijiet tal-PDF darbtejn u m'għandekx x'tħabbel rasek. Ħafna mill-mistoqsijiet huma simili (eż. jaf issib 5 mistoqsijiet fuq l-istess ħaġa bil-kliem bilkemm ivarja) jiġifieri żgur li se jidħlu f'moħħok waqt li taqrahom.

It-test imbagħad tagħmlu fuq touchscreen u jinkludi 35 mistoqsija. Għandek tagħmel il-kuraġġ meta tisma' li lestejthom f'4 minuti...

Eħe, daqshekk ħafif :)


We just started the book learning part with Mayhem #2. She's pretty busy with school right now, but I'll be she gets her learner's permit this summer. Then, STAY OFF THE SIDEWALK!


Hsejjes, I would be the person who got scared before learning how to drive!

Catch-22, forza!

Dear Cory, you know that I am about as non-competitive as they come, so that argument isn't going to work on me. Also, given my current track record, you are probably safe from me driving for at least another few years...

Coemgen, once again, apologies!

Kenneth - grazzi hafna, napprezza l-offerta! Ghandi is-CD ghax ohti z-zghira bdiet titghallem m'ilhux u xtrat kollox. Issa jonqosni biss li nibda! Grazzi tad-deskrizzjoni tat-test, smajt simili m'ghand haddiehor. J'alla l-practical kien daqshekk facli ukoll! (Milli smajt, bhalissa l-passrate hu xi 40%)

Wow Mercy, #2 is that old already? I remember when #1 was going through it... how quickly they grow!


You're bound to make a couple of mistakes in the first few lessons. I used to go to Mangu but I've decided to put the driving lessons on hold and i'll start after the finals are over... with a different driving school though.


A couple of mistakes? With Maltagirl, a couple of mistakes would be a welcome decrease. She does not even have enough coordination to cook without cutting her fingers off and you expect her to be able to drive a stick?


Is Mangu still around??? God, he taught me how to drive almost exactly 17 years ago...Geeeez I'm getting old!
He had a great technique of sticking different bits of coloured stickytape all over the car - on the steering wheel, the backdoor handles etc. All you had to do to pass the reverse parking test was line up the bits of red tape with the markers on the road and...BINGO! you were in! For the parallel parking the bits to line up were yellow....you get the picture.
The best bit of advice I ever got came from my dad: he always said that you didn't really learn to drive until you'd passed the test and had 3-4 months of driving under your belt. He gave me the keys to his Pegeuot 205 and sent me out to drive every evening after 10pm, alone, with the words "no-one is going to risk their life with you in the car until you have experience" ringing in my ears.
He can't have been all that bad as I drive in the UK now with no problem.


Mangu is still around... I missed out on the bits of tape (although I have heard about them before) because when I started lessons with him a few years ago, he had just bought a new car for giving lessons. He made me even more nervous by telling me not to scratch it, lol.

Andre, if you want the contact info for this instructor, just drop me a line!

Cory... as always... :-P

the Pirate

Its interesting how long some wait until the get their drivers license, in LA you need a car to get around.



yesterday I used the coast road, overtook a Learner's car, actually seemed that I scared the student, who must have then have directed me a couple of expletives...wonder if it was you?


Pirate, here you can legally drink at 16, and legally drive at 18 :-) Most people get their license the year they turn 18, but some like me aren't in a hurry. I never really needed my own wheels, and if you want to know anything about Maltese bus routes, I can probably help, heheheh.

Hi Midneb, I'm quite sure it wasn't me because my lesson was two days ago, and no-one overtook me until after the end of the solid white line *grin* I would say "Next time, wave!" but according to the Highway Code, that's a no-no.


One thing I've realised so far:

I have come to accept that the theory test is really important. But I cannot understand what's the point in having 5% of the driving population aware of the highway code while the remaining 95% doesn't even know what half of the road signs represent, let alone ever having the thought of following them cross their minds...

Having said that, I can't wait till I can finally drive (legally, that is) and yell at the morons driving from the opposite direction who insist on keeping their brights on in a well-lit road.


so next time I see a learner's car I'll honk my horn and wave...maybe i'll get the one finger salute from the person learning...or else a nice smile :)

Stive Angelo

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