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March 24, 2006




Roderick Mallia

Codeine?! For a cough?!


Why, pray tell, does the person who watches the least amount of tv feel the need to reprogram the remote?



Roderick, any excuse for codeine, lol. In fact I avoid stuff like soluble painkillers that contain codeine because the buzz makes my hands tremble. I think I'll just stick to chocolate as my drug of choice. *looks around for Da Pusher*

Tara, I barely know how to use that thing, let alone reprogram it... it's the COUGH that is messing around with things, not me! (how's that for anthropomorphic personification? will the examiners give me extra marks for using long words in the English A-level? *grin*)


Not if someone *accidentally on purpose* hits you on the head with a frying pan and sends you into a coma...


And for those of you who do not know .... those threats are not idle ones. Taramara would actually do it.


As a matter of fact, La Codeina is an excellent cough suppressant. Ok, you need to cough up the mighty germs in the form of that greenish, most sticky, phelgm, BUT, at least, Ms. Cod helps you sleep at night.


TCP lozenges!


Ah, the TCP lozenges! I meant to get some and forgot when I went to the pharmacy. I will get some next week and try them out :-)


Get well soon if you haven't already, MaltaGirl!

By the way I like the new colours of your template. Much easier on the eye!

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