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March 20, 2006


Toni Sant

This is just fantastic! I want to play your song on my next podcast. Is that OK with you?

Title suggestion: Johnny Cash Blues


Oh how fun! Yes please go ahead. As with all other contents of my blog, it's under a Creative Commons attribution license ;-)

I had been thinking of "cinema blues" but your title has a better ring to it, thanks!

Jacques René Zammit

I think the voice sounds sexy - must be the cowgirl/coyote ugly idea...
song reminds me of Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

prosit hi... any chances for eurovision?


Jacques, it's probably more due to my sore throat, LOL. I loved O Brother Where Art Thou, it's one of my favourite movies of all time but most people here have never heard of it. I'm flattered :-)

For the eurovision, I think we had already arranged that Reesa and Da Kween are going to do the vocals, with me on backup, and random bloggers doing the music. We still have a vacancy for a lawyer, if you're interested - I'm going to need legal representation when the audience sues for cruel and unusual punishment... muahahahaha...


Apart from the terrible audience in the cinema that you encountered, the film was really boring. I saw it at home so I didnt have anyone commenting or taking off my attention from the film. Like you I didnt know anything about Johnny Cash but I was intrigued by the trailer and the fact that its about music.

It was a real dissapointment for me. I cant see what the fuss (the media did about the film) was about.


We both quite liked it actually, although it's not on my list of "must watch again". But as you say, I don't know how I'd feel about it if I hadn't been so distracted :-)

I imagine that a lot of the fuss would have been made by people like the lady sitting behind me, who would pick the film apart looking for the similarities and discrepancies between what was portrayed in the film and what is know about Johnny Cash's life.

Oh well... each to his own!

Toni Sant

Your Johnny Cash Blues is now part of the 16th podcast on my Mużika Mod Ieħor series.


bad film, nice song.

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