• Learning to
    get my baby son to sleep with minimum fuss
  • Looking Forward To
    Getting more sleep as the baby gets older :-)
  • Listening to
    An unlikely mix of pop songs.
  • Enjoying
    Getting to see the baby change every day


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June 06, 2006



I've got some fab theatre books for you to read over summer. Remind me to lend them to you! Also, when's the performance - I want to see your monologue (unless i have rehearsals of course *sigh*)


Yayayayayay! Thanks!

The perfomance is either Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th of July. I'm assuming it's the Monday since that's when Further Stages usually is.

And Saturday 15th July is the performance of the Intensive Workship ;-)

When is the Shakespeare?


Shakespeare is 13 - 23 july (except 17). am VERY upset about missing the workshop - humph!


Urgh, what timing :-S

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