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July 09, 2006


Italia, Forza

Haqqek! That's for hoping Italy will loose....teee heee teee heee.....Miskina! Get the boyfriend to massage some after sun. you will feel better. mwah!


If England were still in it, I'd have no problem making a big red cross, lol.

My other half is at work so I have to do it myself, that man has no consideration for other people *sigh*


Here's another thing... if you are serious about protecting yourself from the sun, there is not point buying anything less than SPF60. :)




Speaking about the sun, what happened to the plans of a blogger BBQ?


Sharon, ah, the chemist only had factor 40. I usually avoid the sun like the plague, this was a one-off day.

Kenneth, yeah, I'm glad for aftersun!

G, ahahahahaha, funny you should mention that, I began planning it this morning! Athena is here later this month, over a weekend, BUT it's the last weekend of Shakespeare... so the BBQ might end up being on a weeknight. Insomma, I'll be posting about it soon to ask what people prefer :-)


Shakespeare runs every night from 13-23 (apart from Mon 17) - please think of us :)


Of course ;-)

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