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September 07, 2006



I'm in a play with 4 other women... ajma hej! Hehehe we'll see how it goes. I haven't actually seen the yet. And how unfair Sharon got the good-looking guys :P


She's not stupid, she picked a play where 80% of the cast is male...


Isma, when are the dates... coz I think I can come to see you after all!


Oooh, how cool - the festival is going to be on the last weekend of October - one set of plays will be on Thursday 26th and Saturday 28th, and the other set will be on Friday 27th and Sunday 29th. Judging for the awards will be based on the Saturday and Sunday performances, but Toni has already advised us that our play is too weird to win anything, lol...

I don't which plays are on what days, or even if that has been decided yet.

So, can you make it?


If you fly me out there, I will attend!


Yep... i think 'Some Explicit Polaroids' will be over by then!


G, I'll tell Nick you think he is good-looking *grin* I directed him in his first play and made him audition just so I could needle him all over again :) He is so adorably pickable! I have never met the other male cast member so I cannot comment. However, I would like to point out that my cast is made up of TWO men and FOUR women... does anyone have a problem with that? :)

Rees... this time I am going to play unfair... if you and the Queen don't come and watch my play I will never speak to you again... to think that I was even made to watch the same performance twice and I come back all the way from the UK to direct a measly one-act and you find an excuse not to come... Ha! Especially the Queen who has DISAPPEARED from my life. I want to know why! *stamps foot and makes lower lip quiver*


Dahhhhhhhhhhhling... if I am not actually physicially on stage, I will definately come and watch your play! And Jo's. And Toni & Maltagirl's. And G's. And you didn't watch ONE performance twice. It was two different performances with totally different actresses. And we had gotten you two free tickets, one for each show. And... ooooooooh, I almost said something nasty about the'flying back for the one-acts bit but have itten my virtual tongue. Btw, Pea is in Venice with the other half.... she comes back tomorrow. Love ya!


Sha, I know Nicky very well actually. God knows I've seen him in interesting positions ;) and possibly joined him in a couple of them too. *lol* But he knows that he has perfect pouty lips!

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