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September 23, 2006



Oooooohhhh you are bringing back soooooo much memories. Once we were rehearsing in Valletta down near il Mandragg and the director ordered us to go out and watch the 'Hamalli' of the area playing bingo on their doorstep. And we had to go back and imitate them.....so we had to walk by, a dozen times or so, trying to look inconspicuous and staring at these women. Believe me, it was no joke....I never felt so embarrassed in my whole life....lol


....actually I think the word should be many memories not much....


*cough* Yes, I suppose it is youre prerogative =) ;)

You always have behaved oddly, however, so most people are probably just thinking "Oh no, it's that one again."





Hate it when that happens ;)


Ah, Tara, I never knew that "perogative" is actually supposed to be "pRerogative"... you learn something new every day...

and I think my blog is going psychotic because it's (a) showing the wrong number for the amount of comments on this post, and (b) not showing a comment I posted in response to Hsejjes.

*waves to Hsejjes*

Going doolally, I tell you...

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