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September 13, 2006



Sapienza's are great! They're helpful, friendly and they don't mind if you take your time browsing... unlike Agenda and Mireva - who have terrible customer service (but a good selection of books nonetheless).


I forgot to say something about the extremely helpful lady - not only does she try her best to help you, but, she will also reccomend other book shops if Sapienzas don't have the book and if you don't know the way she will give you directions.


I love that lady who works at Sapienza's. You can see that she has a genuine passion for books. And here I was thinking that I was the only one who loved reading children's books. Have you tried the Lemony Snicket ones? The Series of Unfortunate Events. We can do a book swap if you like. And then I can do some more book bashing with it....:))


Andre, I love it when people help you like that, it's brilliant. That's why I always order through Sapienzas, I want to give them my custom because they deserve it *grin*

Nadya, I haven't read any of Lemony Snicket's because they're in hardback and relatively expensive. I loved the film "A Series of Unfortunate Events", I thought it was brilliant and I love that terribly dry sense of humour, heheh. YES I'm definitely up for book swapping but we'll have to warn Toni and Coemgen to wear protective gear beforehand...


I'm buying all my books from Play these days, they're so cheap and arrive quite quickly. They also pack them seperately so our dear old Maltapost can just stick them thru my letterbox and saves me spending a day trying to get them on the phone when they drop a note in etc etc. For recommendations I find The Good Book Guide to be great; I have a subscription to the monthly mag and I also visit their website from time to time http://www.thegoodbookguide.com/gbg/default.asp
I also search the net for award nominated books/authors to get a good insight into the good contemporary stuff.
Hope this helps :-)

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