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September 30, 2006



Ara xi hlewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Maaa I'm getting a sugar rush :)


absolutely gorgeous


How gorgeous! But still not as gorgeous as you wear in make up last night! It was fun... let's do it again! And don't worry, we're not always that rowdy hehehe! Lovely seeing you!

Da Kween

not usually THAT rowdy? course we are !!! that's our JOB! but you DO know we're harmless right? twas lovely having you and make up with us and we'll do it again ! xxx


Still the resemblance :) Still cute... when will we do a pigtail day?? Just sms me and i am in :))


Thank-you all, yes, I have to say that my parents produced three adorable little girls.

Then unfortunately we grew up *sigh* ;-)

Thanks Reesa and Your Majesty, I might start wearing make-up after all these compliments...

And LadyViXen, LOL!!! I haven't worn pigtails in... about six months, heheheh. Hair's now more the length for plaits than for pigtails, one is expected to Grow One's Hair For One's Wedding...

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