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September 27, 2006



And NOW my sister tells me that there is actually a CD with about 700 of these questions on it that I could have read..."

Well, well, well!


Kenneth -- The fact that her little sister passed the exam over 7 years younger than Maltagirl should tell you that she is much more together.

Maltagirl -- I do not know why you are giving advice to those that did not pass the exam that they should not be on the road. You passed and I do not think you should be anywhere near a motor vehicle, so I have no conifdence that this test can really judge whether someone should be on the road. :P

And it is not split or spilt, it is spilled! ;)

one of the villagers

Here another stumper: CHOOSE ONLY ONE ANSWER - You should switch on your hazard lights if (a) you are reversing into a side street, (b) your car is faulty and you are driving slowly, (c) your car has broken down and is causing an obstruction, or (d) you are being towed.

Ohmigawd correct answer is ONLY (c)!!
(a) is obviously wrong. If you are reversing you should have reverse lights and if you are backing into a side street you should also have indicators showing your direction intentions :)
(b) if your car is faulty it should be either (1) towed, or (2) driven normally WITHOUT hazard lights because other drivers should give due attention to where they are going anyway. Also you still need to be able to use your indicators if you are turning left or right, no matter how slow you are going.
(d)NEVER! if you are being towed you should have the extension showing a full set of rear lights (like we should always see on trailers)

Finally a hint - The Highway Code says that you should put your Hazard lights on when your car is stationary and an obstruction (doesnt say to do so in other occasions)

However, *sigh*, I'm sure that very few DRIVING INSTRUCTORS know this - even less many drivers in Malta vide dumb idiots using hazard lights in tunnels until we had an equally dumb cartoon information campaign about this...


I didn't know the car tyre thing either. Mine get checked whenever I think they look low and I'm stopping at the petrol station for petrol.

I'm so glad I didn't have a theory test. And about the hazard lights... the name says it all HAZARD! So if you are stuck somewhere obstructing traffic, then yes u are a hazard and they should go on. If you're being towed, then the tow company would strap lights around your car usually. But then in Malta you tend to put on your hazard lights when you're parked on double yellow lines and are getting money from some awkwardly positioned ATM (or is that just me? :))

Da Kween

ok .... i'm going to be a nerd .... you've been warned ...

Irregular Verb - To Spill

To allow liquids out of their containers accidentally.

Conjugation of 'To Spill'
Base Form Spill
Past Simple Spilt/Spilled
Past Participle Spilt/Spilled
3rd Person Singular Spills
Present Participle/Gerund Spilling

Jessica C. Moritz

Oh my, I think if I'd done my driving test in Malta I'd still be without a license. I'm also not very good with these "common sense" questions... especially if they Do NOT have common sense!


Ajma, i just LOL'ed in my school staff room. Prosit for passing the test, against all odds!!!


Kenneth, I know, *groan*

Cory - :-P

villager (one of), where were you on Wednesday? Hah. You should offer private lessons or something, you'd make a killing.

G, lol, I think my approach will be rather similar!

Dear Your Majesty, do what I do and just ignore Cory - he's American and doesn't know how to spell.

Jessica, hmmm, there's an idea, I could start a business organising trips to other countries for Maltese teenagers who could sit for and get international driving licenses under better conditions and then just use them here... hmmm...

Reesa, thanks, now we'll see how many tries it takes me to pass the practical... *groan*


But curiously enough, question 1.3.48 in the PDF is:

Q: For which TWO of these should you use hazard-warning lights? (Mark two answers) · When slowing down to warn other drivers behind of a hazard ahead · When you are double parked on a two-way road · When your direction indicators are not working · When warning oncoming traffic that you intend to stop · When your vehicle has broken down and is causing an obstruction

· When slowing down to warn other drivers behind of a hazard ahead
· When your vehicle has broken down and is causing an obstruction

So there's another correct use of hazard lights.

Similarly, question 1.9.5 reads:

Q: You are driving on a dual carriageway. You have to slow down quickly due to a hazard. You should: (Mark one answer)

· Switch on your hazard lights
· Switch on your headlights
· Sound your horn
· Flash your headlights

A: · Switch on your hazard lights

Of course, there's also G's suggestion. You switch on the hazard lights to tell any warden that you know you should not park there but you aren't actually parked there. "Parked" as in to leave the car there and return 5 hours later.


I have yet to hear of anyone failing a maltese driving theory test. Alex has failed her theory test twice, but that's in England, where when they tell you to study the Highway Code, they probably mean it.

You had your photo taken? I didn't =D And it's on your certificate? *giggle* Niiiiice ;)

I'm still rather amazed that you had to think about the question related to spilt diesel. *sigh* Sometimes I stop wishing I had younger sisters, because I feel like I already do =)

Oh well, at least you have your theory down! Who knows, when you get your license it might be me in the passenger seat wishing I had a second brake pedal, not Debs ;) Just think of all the fun we'll have =D


hey, i've just got back from doin my theory test for the second time, i got more silly questions and failed by 2 marks, arghhh. i also got the one about diesel being sticky or slippery or whatever....but who cared?? as long as your careful around it, it dont make much difference surely! i also got one askin me how long an off road notification certificate lasts for...ive asked friends who drive, they dont know...its apparently 12 months...if that one was on who wants to be a millionaire it we be in the thousands surely!x

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