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September 17, 2006


Jessica C. Moritz

HA! You pictured it PERFECTLY! That's exactly how we felt. First we couldn't find the place, we ran up in down the Valletta Waterfront in search of the "Fair", when we finally spotted it (of having nearly given it up), I almost broke my heal off and had to be careful not to fall in that yuckie water. Once inside, I was shocked by the lack of vendors, so we only stayed max. 10 mins! What a perfect evening!


Oh well... the November fair is definitely worth going to though, we're planning on sorting out most of the things we need then... heheheheh...


Isn't it about time that you did another Karnival? I am confused about how often you do them.....sigh


Hsejjes, it's supposed to be on the first of every month, but I've been kinda busy this summer... hope to get back on track for the 1st of October ;-)


I did the mistake of giving my deatils to a BRIDAL stand in a fair (Alamango) and they have been pestering me for 2 years.....BEWARE do not give out your details.


Disgusted, thanks for the warning :-)

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