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July 13, 2007



Oh I think Rosetta is brilliant!My son used to adore her! He used to have music therapy with her and he loved it.I think she is sooooo talanted.


Oh and by the way.I was looking at your wish list. Just bought a washing machine myself.Try getting an ARDO from Ventura. Its not too expensive and I have found it really good....and before anyone comes down on me NO I DO NOT GET A COMMISSION FOR ADVERTISING....LOL


the performance was brilliant :D the rehearsing beforehand was rather.. um.. "rocky" (if that's the right word to use, hehe), and Another National Anthem was an utter PAIN (especially that backing track), but nevertheless I think we all shined in the actual show!
And a humongous well done to you! your acting is always so meaningful and heartfelt. Hope to see you again soon. Have fun driving around Malta, by the way :)


Hi Hsejjes, YES she is! And she's very nice too, lol, which helps. And thanks for the tip on the washing machine!

Claire, I still have "and the mailman won the lottery" running through my head! I think we did well, x'ahna bravi - and PROSIT for your performance as Byck in "Another National Anthem", because your lines were what helped everyone know where we were (no pressure lol).

(is it sad that I'm currently listening to ANA? I'm hooked on Sondheim...)

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