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September 21, 2007


Owen Cutajar

Only a week left huh? .. You'll soon be a Mrs !


Hey Good Luck hon!! Make sure you pack your pillow...it is something you cannot replace and you will sorely miss...


Owen, time seems to be ZIPPING by! I'm looking forward to it :-)

Lol, I didn't think of that, Hsejjes, and thanks!

Cousin Jenny XD

ONE WEEK LEFT! I'm getting bloody excited, kugina! Guess what I found last time...old Maths notes from our lessons...ahem, quite amusing to look at now XD.


Dear kugina, me too lol. And now, the squares up to fourteen please... muahaha...


It amuses me that '196' still comes to me automatically...! 1, 4, 9, 16...Heeheehee.


Brainwashing, it works every time. *cackle*

the mind boggles

What are you talking about? Was always terrible in maths....


Hi! When we have moved, the books are certainly the bulk :) we have boxes and boxes and boxes...Now I have made a commitment to myself (as from this month) I won't buy any more books until I have read all the ones I have bought and haven't read. I am afraid I am a book addict...which is not bad...but...I need to save :) Therefore, I am banned from visiting bookshops this month :)

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