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September 16, 2007



Make your own rules! Plan your own kind of wedding! Elope! Just a few suggestions...

I remember that my wedding cake was only ready a few hours before I got married! (Don't ask. Long story.)So I made sure to phone up some of my friends and told them that if they entered the hall and saw no wedding cake, they were duty bound to start a rumour that it was a danish tradition not to have a wedding cake!!! At the end it was there.....phew!
As for eloping.....brillian idea!!! I would do that second time round!! lmao


Grego, on your first suggestion, I am bound by the traditions of not one but two cultures (because Mike and I come from different cultures). For your third suggestion, no way, I want a big party! And on the second, well, we've certainly stamped our personalities on many of the choices *grin*. Thanks for the advice!

Mrs. Anonymous, LOL! I will tell my friends to circulate fictitious South African customs if they notice anything wrong then! (e.g. in South Africa, it's traditional for the bride to gain weight for the wedding, heheh. And tripping over her big pouffy dress is to bring good luck).

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