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September 03, 2007



Heh that photo really makes me homesick (although I'm not too sorry I missed the heatwave). It's insane here... we get vitamin d deficient bursts of sunlight... so I keep running out in the garden to catch some light, while safely wrapped up in warm clothes.

Now I really, really want ice cream. I might have to dispatch the beloved to the shops after work lol. Last week we bought Haagen Daz (I can NEVER spell this!) strawberry cheesecake. Mmmmmmh.


Miskina - God never intended for people to live in that country. If I could bottle sunlight, I'd send you some, because we have plenty rattling around here at the moment!

Oooh, once I had Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake, mmmm. I think that ice-cream should be declared a food group. So, of course, should chocolate.


Chocolate is not only a food group, it's HEALTHY. First of all, cocoa is a bean and we all know about the importance of beans in our diet. Second, dark chocolate contains anti oxidants and is therefore essential for a silky complexion. Third, by buying fair trade chocolate you are supporting communities in their endeavour to achieve quality of life, so eating chocolate is an incredibly altruistic exercise. Really, it's just a win-win situation:-)

Ms Ellisa

Oh yes....
Now put your hands together........


Ladies, although we are residing in three different countries, still we are united in our love and reverence for this most excellent of foods.

chocoholic and kid


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