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October 15, 2007



You would think in a small place like Malta, with limited space where to put the rubbish and the rubbish-mountain at Magħtab growing bigger every year, people would have a strong awareness of the need to recycle and reduce waste! Unfortunately environmentalism does not seem to be too popular. At least I am happy to see that when I bring my recyclables to the bring-in sites, the bins are full. It means I am not the only one recycling!


The bring-in sites weren't very popular because WasteServ asked people to start separating their waste BEFORE the recyling plant had the processes in place, so people were going to a lot of trouble to separate their waste and then saw the rubbish collectors just dumping the contents of all the bring-in bins in one big bin in a truck! The company lost a lot of credibility over that one, and a lot of people still bring that up.

I just hope that the full bins don't mean that they're just not being emptied!


Just a late note on this blog. Eden Foundation are collecting the empty ink cartleges of printers.Any printers. They will be given LM1 for each one submitted. There is a box at the entrance of their Zejtun premises just for this purpose. Maybe recycling can be amalgamated with doing a good deed?


I think it is important to recycle...I am afraid I don't do it though :(

I think I will start doing that as from the following month...I am writing a list of new commitments for November (the first one being to try to save).


As regards ink cartilages, I have been recycling for the past 2 years or so. I either refill my used one or if it's no good I just buy a refilled one.

Recycling is easy....you just have to start.

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