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December 24, 2007



Yes, I was simply appalled to hear these news the other day! Talk about not leaving well enough alone! Sigh... there goes the little environment we have left on this island.


We had the same case in Denmark in 2002 were we lost the case at an EU court of our recycling system. Until then beer and soft drinks could only be sold in reusable containers (that were washed and used about 30-40 times). Now we have disposable/recyclable plastic and even worse aluminium cans as well. I don't know the environmental impact but but you see more containers thrown in nature and streets these days. - On the other hand I must admit I prefer hauling a crate of cans over a crate of thick-glass bottles.


Tee hee. My husband would have to agree with you on this one Micheal as he is Danish. He loves the rattling of beer cans...says it is more music to his ears than thick plastic bottles even....When we were once in Denmark we saw Tuborg in green plastic bottles!! But my hubby was disgusted and refused to buy any. Have not seen them since...think they were stopped. Now I know that the Danes are particulary obsessed with the environment, but beer in a plastic bottle???? Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Becca, Happy Xmas to you and your loved ones.....including Mike....xxxx


Michael, yes the lighter packaging is better when it comes to hauling the shopping upstairs to our flat! But it's a shame, and I think there will be quite an impact for Malta because overall we're not that into taking care of the environment. I never saw glass bottles running around in the streets because there's a 2-cents refund for them so some people go around picking them up as a source of extra income, but there isn't a refund for plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

Merry Christmas to you too Hsejjes, and to your family! (and I agree that beer in a plastic bottle is an abomination)


The plastic bottles are PET, meaning degradable, so if collected properly no harm would be done to the enviorment, possibly?

the idea in the future is that all beer will be done in plastic bottles also, but the stumbling block in this is that beer takes the taste of plastic after a week or so!

sorry for my bad english, or if i didn't explain myself better :) it's too early


Darren, yes if PET bottles are collected, then they can be recycled (the plastic is washed, broken down into flakes, and re-used to make new products) but there will be no recycling if no-one collects the bottles.

So far, waste separation for recycling in Malta has been a joke, and if there is no refund given for plastic bottles, then those thrown away in the streets, fields and in the sea will just stay there.

I agree that 7am is too early for coherent writing ;-)


It would be really a great idea if we can return the plastic bottles - environmentally friendly =)


Good point. All those bottles should be recycled but people need to be more aware of the environmental issue.

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