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December 24, 2007



The secret is to wrap the presents as soon as you buy them and then, even if they find them, they can't very well open them because they will be caught out? X'tahseb...? That's been my thing anyway. So what did you get him anyway?

They showed Ballet Shoes on telly today and I was feeling nostalgic enough last week to want to get a telly for a day. I didn't... but I know what you mean about wanting to watch something Xmasssy and preferably with a key scene in front of a burning log fireplace hahahaha

It's nice to be back reading blogs ... I really missed all this! Who's good to read these days?


Sharon, knowing Michael he would cheerfully unwrap the present and then either look innocent and say it was an accident, or, if he was feeling particularly devious, re-wrap it.

I would have left it under the tree (wrapped) for three weeks just to tease him, but what I got was joint present for both of us, one of the biggest Meccano sets money can buy, with a remote-control chassis. Muahahaha. So I was scared that if he shook it hard enough, he'd hear the rattling and guess it was Meccano!

We've missed reading you too! (hint hint). These days Jacques is quite prolific, and there's not many girl bloggers left but Wen is fun to read.


I'm still a little rusty but should be writing regularly again... You could only muster a recommendation for two blogs? Things must be worse than I thought hehehe I just realised that my newsreader isn't working properly so Im about to go fix it and catch up with your latest posts! xxx


I couldn't be bothered to think any harder than that, lol. My aggregator subscriptions are at http://www.bloglines.com/public/maltagirl/

Would be nice to read your writing again!

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