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January 28, 2008



Plus more supply (twice as many people working) means real wages are lower than they would be, besides some of those expenses going to child care.. Ouch.

Your banks have been pushing personal debt like crazy in the last few years.. I was amazed. I guess that's modernism.


Property prices in Malta are often terribly ridiculous, particularly when talking about first-time buyers! The problem is that even if it is possible to find some places that are not ultra-expensive, there are certain issues that could still block one from being able to receive a mortgage from the bank. I know this because my wife and I are currently trying to purchase an apartment. In spite of being university graduates with some years of work experience, our combined incomes were not enough to receive the amount of money that we needed! Furthermore, given the shockingly high cost of living in Malta, it is virtually impossible to save enough money on a monthly basis to be able to cover some of the expenses from one's own pocket. Very recently, I have been saying to myself that in Malta the salaries tend to be fairly low, but the prices are probably those that one would find in countries such as Germany or France!

Well, I guess that since we are living in a capitalist society, it is hard to expect a more humane economy!

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