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April 09, 2008



I will keep a look out for you...:)


Actually I'm not going to go - it looks like the programme is not really about the internet, but more like "the bad things people do on the internet, what freaks they are". *sigh*


Ija I saw it yesterday and was absolutely disappointed.....

Toni Sant

Għamilt sew ħafna ma mortx! :-)


so how bad/good was it? I didn't watch it - gave up on Xarabank years ago.

Jennifer Galea

"Hi, interesting blog you have here. Was passing through and I thought I would pop in to say howdi neighbour! I'm Jennifer Galea from Labour in labour, the independent and unauthorised blog documenting the Labour Party's quest for a new leader. Come and visit us on www.labourinlabour.wordpress.com and lets us know what you think...openly and sincerely! See you soon!"

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