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April 12, 2008



Up to a certain extent I'm glad they didn't put blogs in the same category as porn, bullying and hate sites (although there was one comment which implied that my blog is a kind of hate site!).

Regarding Social Networking, I don't use Hi5 or Mirc - but I've succumbed to Facebook. And Blogs of Malta.

Regarding the bad side to the internet; personal implications are a problem, particularly for bloggers. But it doesn't necessarily have to do with the need to express ourselves in a hateful manner. Most of us are in fact decent human beings. It's more to do with how people react to what you might write and tolerance of other people's opinion - something which Xarabank fails to promote quite miserably.

I hope that the internet in Malta will remain free from censorship and people will be able to express themselves in whatever ways they like. From what I read it's quite alarmist.

Toni Sant

This is fantastic! Thanks for this post.

Keith Chircop


"It is a dangerous place, especially for children, but you can make friends."

More like: it's a bad day in Nassiriya. If you sift the thousands of users you'll encounter, you might find one decent person.

Rupert Cefai

Great post maltagirl!


Great post Maltagirl!!

I saw the Xarabank programme last Friday.During one of the features the Xarabank team showed how easy it is to browse on other ppl's unsecured WI-FI.
Whilst connecting to an unsecured network the journalist started browsing the Xarabank Website and played a Xarabank clip.
Immediately after the Police Inspector on the panel said that if one uses an unsecured WI-FI network without the owners permission,this is considered as stealing and subject to prosecution.Immediately after Peppi said we never entered someone else WI-FI...We don't steal!....
LOL So Peppi tried to coverup a 'technical' error done by his team.
Isn't stealing to demonstrate something not liable to prosecution as well dear Peppi?...shall we start stealing shops now to show how easy it is to steal in Malta.Incidentally these instances can be seen on the Xarabank site as the programme is saved.Viva il-liberta ta l-espressjoni..:-))



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